Top 5 gifts for Playstation owners

The Playstation 4 is currently the most popular console on the market, which encourages a growing number of users. Excellent exclusive games tempt with exceptional graphics and completely new solutions. We chose the 5 best gifts for Sony console owners.

Sony Playstation VR

Virtual reality is an absolute novelty which allows you to experience the game in a whole new way. Special glasses equipped with an OLED display have built-in stereo speakers. The device connected to the PS4 console allows you to play and watch various movies. In conjunction with dedicated controllers, you can literally enter the middle of the action. A very wide library of games offers many great titles adapted to the first-person view. Playstation VR is currently the best gift anyone owning a PS4 console can get.

Top 5 gifts for Playstation owners

Colorful Dualshock 4

The Dualshock 4 controller features several hours of intense gaming without having to connect the charging cable. The appropriate profile influences comfort and ergonomics, which are very much appreciated by PS4 owners. The new controller is a great idea for a gift. Controllers for PS4 come in many unique color variants, so you'll be able to give your fellow gamer an unique model. One of the best gifts for anyone holding a Sony console.

Thumb grips for gamepad joysticks

The standard PS4 controller sticks may be too small for some people, which is particularly problematic in shooters and sports games. To facilitate the gameplay, you can buy silicone thumb grips. A special profile makes a more comfortable hold for the finger. In addition, these types of accessories play a protective role. The advantage is also the availability of many different color variations. Everyone will definitely find something suitable for themselves.

Docking Station

Dualshock 4 controllers can boast of good battery life, but the lack of energy usually comes at the least expected moment. The docking station allows you to instantly charge the accessories using a usb connector or a special port located next to the headphone jack. Buying a docking stand is also a great way to store your pads in one place. By choosing this as a gift you can be sure that the recipient will be satisfied.

External drive

The PS4 Console received an update which allows the use of external drives as storage for games. Built-in disks do not offer too much space and you can quickly run out of it even after installing only a few titles. The market offers many interesting disks. We recommend buying a model with at least 1TB of memory. More space equals more games and therefore more fun and unforgettable experience.