Is a board arcade game a good idea for a gift?

Nowadays entertainment is dominated mainly by video games. Many think that they lead to the extinction of board games. This forces creators to create new views on old board games fitting in contemporary culture. Monopoly has been released in many versions with Harry Potter or Fortnite motifs. Board games are still a good present because they can save a boring meeting with friends or gather the whole family together.


One of the most fantastic arcade games is definitely Jenga. The set of the game consists of 54 wooden blocks and a sleeve for re-erecting the tower. The goal of the game is to become the last player to set up the blocks so that the tower will not collapse. The person who topples the tower loses. You can play up to 8 people, which makes the game suitable for meeting friends.


Another game designed for a more mature audience is Cards Against Humanity. The game in the basic version consists of 510 cards in white and black. At the beginning of the game, each player gets 10 white cards. Then one of the participants chooses a black card with a question that everyone else has to answer. According to the questioner, he is choosing the best retort in his opinion. The deck of cards is full of racism, sexisms or xenophobia, which explains the recommended age of the recipients of this game.

Is a board arcade game a good idea for a gift?

Secrets is a game for up to 8 people. Two teams, headed by two Intelligence Chiefs, try to make contact with all their agents. The Head of Intelligence may give his team only one word per turn, which will link several prominent codenames to each other. Passwords are ambiguous, associations also. The Intelligence Director can not reveal himself and must keep a poker face all the time, while the team members may discuss at will, deciding which slogans to show.


Dilemma can be played by a group from 4 to 15 people, which makes it ideal for larger meetings with friends. In every turn on the table a Dilemma card lands - a moral issue with two possible solutions. Each player chooses his option, which he can discuss with everyone. Your task will be to predict which option most people picked. If you were right you get a point. The final goal is to collect 5 points. Cards are meant as a pretext for discussions on many crazy topics.