How to get free gift cards by playing games?

Gift cards are a great way to get many games and extras without having to pay extra fees. In this article you will learn how to get some free gift cards by playing your favorite games. Check this out!

We've found the best way to get gift cards.

It might seem that getting free gift cards is an impossible task. But as it turns out, the Gamehag portal offers you such a possibility. Registration is completely free, so you do not have to worry about paying any money. The deal is very simple - you just have to play your games and get Soul Gems. Collecting the right amount of Soul Gems will allow you to exchange them for gift cards. It seems simple, right? And it is in fact! It is up to you to decide which game you want to play and how much time you will spend doing it.

You can choose from a whole bunch of interesting titles, starting with such gems as World of Tanks and ending with Final Fantasy XV. You can choose among typical MMO games, shooters, sport games, war games as well as classic RPGs.

How to get more Soul Gems?

You earn Soul Gems after logging in to the site. The entry to the game is rewarded with a number of Soul Gems. Each game has some tasks assigned for which you will receive points. These are not very demanding achievements. Sometimes all you have to do is leveling up, and Soul Gems will appear on your account.

Obtaining Soul Gems can be done not only by playing computer games. Gamehag offers a bunch of mobile and browser games. Simple 2D titles are the perfect choice for a break between classes.

By joining the community of gamers and participating in the forum you will also receive an award in form of Soul Gems. Would you like to share a review of your favorite game? No problem, just write a short review and the bonus with additional points will go to your account. You're still wondering how to get free gift cards by playing games?

How to get free gift cards by playing games?

What kind of gift cards can you get when playing games?

Once you have collected the right number of Soul Gems, you can go to the rewards tab. There are Steam gift cards worth from 5 up to 50 euros waiting for you! This amount of money will allow you to buy your dream game, skins for CS: GO or many other useful additions. You can also collect Fortnite, Kinguin, or Obucks gift cards. It depends on you how you use your earned points.

Play and win

The way to get gift cards is very simple and, above all, free. Among so many games you can choose the right one for you. It is also a great way to get to know new titles which will absorb you. Once you get your gift cards, you can collect game keys and DLCs for those games on the site. Everyone will find something interesting here.