Crash Bandicoot review

Crash Bandicoot is a legendary series of platformers, which was initiated in the mid-90s by the Naughty Dog studio. The studio created also such games as Uncharted, Jak and Daxter and The Last of Us. The protagonist of the cycle is Crash, a fox-resembling humanoid. Initially, the first games of the series appeared on PlayStation and PlayStation 2 and for some time they were the flagship games on both platforms. Crash Bandicoot from 1996 is one of the first platform games that take full advantage of the three-dimensional graphics. The American studio Vicarious Vision, which has been involved in the development of the Skylanders series since 2011, is the creator of the latest part of the series.


The action takes place on the fictitious Wump Islands off the coast of Australia, where Dr. Neo Corteks conducts experiments with special radiation that turns animals into intelligent humanoid hybrids. He creates them, because these animals are supposed to join an army, which will spread over the whole world. Crash becomes a casual victim of the sinister doctor. The brave hero decides to oppose the crazy inventor by defeating his subordinates and releasing the animals the doctor has imprisoned.

Crash Bandicoot review

Crash Bandicoot is a classic 3D platformer from the past. Despite the remastered graphic design and the new engine, the unchanged gameplay model is still visible. The camera continues to follow Crash all the time, and the locations are extremely linear according to modern standards. Some of them change the perspective from which we observe the action using the 2.5D formula.


During the adventures, we must not only pass the levels representing the different corners of Wumpa islands. We will also encounter some dangerous traps and opponents, which we have to defeat using a rotating attack or jumping on their heads. The game has a system, in which after losing the life we have to start the level from the beginning or from a control point. After passing through the locations there will appear some chests in which we find secrets, some of which will make us stronger lika the Aku Aku mask, as well as special crystals that unlock the true ending of the game.


In addition to the completely refreshed graphic design, the creators also prepared small improvements in the system of gameplay and user interface. New cutscenes and a soundtrack were also created