Arcade games for kids

Arcade games will bring a lot of benefits for your child. Kids can also play arcade computer games in order the parent supervises the content. Considering the wide range of educational, logical, story driven or demanding reflex games, we can say that many of them support the child's development at the various stages of life.


Cheerful Bee is a fun game for two to four players. The game has been designed for children from the age of four. You must be really fast to avoid the sting of the bee! Each player tries to get as many honeycombs hidden in a beehive guarded by a cheerful bee as possible. The player who outwits the jealous bee guarding its honey is the winner.

Arcade games for kids

Water Table is a game for children at the age of three. The game involves fishing, but thanks to its interactivity, you can count on a variety of gameplay, for example: a water mill with a slide - just get water in a bowl, and pour it into the mill.


Kao the Kangaroo is a video game. The main character of the series is the nice, eponymous kangaroo. In the game, we go through various colorful locations, collect power-ups or jump on platforms. We will also often use Kao's boxing glove to defend ourselves.


Penguin on Ice is a family game for two to four players. The players use special hammers to cut the ice-hole in the ice sheet. But no one wants to make the penguin sad, so be careful. The one who leaves the penguin on the ice is the winner. The one who will force him to a cold bath will only be able to demand a rematch.


Greedy Grandma’s Treats is a game for children from the age of 5. Four people can play it at the same time. Greedy Grandma loves cookies and does not want to share them. But it just happens that she’s sleeping. The player uses a wheel of fortune and draws the action in order to give or take a certain number of cookies from grandma. Additionally, one has to press a special button on grandma's chair. How many times? This also has to be drawn. If the grandmother wakes up while the player is stealing the cookies, the player must give her all the sweets he has gained. The player who manages to collect 1 cookie of each type wins.