A console as a gift for the first communion.

The gaming console is currently one of the most popular gift ideas for the first communion. During the communion period, we can find many interesting bargains for consoles in online stores. There are many interesting options so we have a few suggestions which console to choose for your child.


Which console to choose when our budget is unlimited? Definitely the Microsoft Xbox One X. This console is suitable not only for a child who considers oneself a serious gamer, but also for the adults who can relax with it in their free time. The console has been equipped with powerful components so all games operate in true 4K Ultra HD resolution, which with the support of HDR technology provides an amazing visual experience.

A console as a gift for the first communion.

PlayStation is the most popular console in the world, available in a variety of a few different models. We should pay attention to the most affordable Sony PlayStation 4 Slim,  the smallest and the thinest one, that will suit the living room the best. An additional advantage is that it is the most energy-efficient one, and yet it offers the functionality of a basic Sony PlayStation 4, including HDR support.


The Sony PlayStation Classic as a communion gift, will take you (and your kids) back to the nineties. For the child, it is a great opportunity to get to know the hits of “back in the day”. Parents will be able to remember their youthful times and have some fun as well. The Sony PlayStation Classic has 20 pre installed games, including Final Fantasy VII, TEKKEN 3 and Wild Arms. The console’s design is very compact size.


The thoughtful, modular design of the Nintendo SWITCH makes it an extremely original game console for children. This is a device that can operate in a stationary and mobile mode, which provides unprecedented flexibility of gameplay options. Nintendo SWITCH is a perfect gift for the communion, both for a girl and a boy. The child will be able to play games at home, and if necessary, pack the console into a backpack and, for example, play in the open air or make the journey more pleasant.