15 fantastic gifts for a gamer girl

You do not have to go shopping anymore and look for a gift for a gamer girl. We've prepared 15 great ideas for you that will be a hit.

Colorful game controller

Game controllers designed for consoles and PCs are perfect for sports games as well as for arcade games. Many models are available in a variety of colors. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Photo mug

Favorite coffee or tea in a mug with the motif from a favorite game tastes much better. Such a trifle is the perfect gift for any girl who likes to play.


T-shirts are very popular gifts especially for gamers. A remarkable motif will help you to stand out in the crowd. Women's T-shirts come with The Witcher 3, Minecraft and many other motifs from popular titles.

Gift card

A very versatile gift. By choosing a gift card even for a small amount of money you can make the gamer girl happy. For virtual money she will be able to buy a number of accessories, as well as selected titles.

PS Plus or Xbox Live subscription

Subscriptions for the two most popular consoles allow you to play with others online. They also allow the access to exclusive titles. You decide for how long you want to subscribe.

Steering wheel

It works particularly well in games like Gran Turismo or Dirt 4. If you want to give something to a fan of racing games, this gift will be perfect.

15 fantastic gifts for a gamer girl

VR goggles

Virtual reality conquers the market and the purchase of VR goggles for a gamer will be a hit. Games from the first person perspective get even better.

Gaming chair

Gaming chairs are above all a huge comfort. Their sporty appearance and eye-catching colors will perfectly fit the room of a gamer girl.

Mouse pad

The mouse pad is not just an office decoration. Thanks to this accessory it's easier to navigate in games. Each gamer has a good mouse pad among his equipment.

Skin for the console

The colorful sticker on the console fulfills an aesthetic, but also a protective role. Such a small gadget will turn your device into a piece of your favorite game.

New game

The purchase of the latest title will always be warmly welcomed by a fellow gamer. The number of interesting titles on the market is huge, so everyone will find something for themselves.


Headphones with a microphone work great while playing. The possibility of communication is an indispensable element of such titles as World of Tanks or CS: GO. Headsets are very popular among gamers.

Laptop bag

Playing does not always mean spending time at home. The safe transportation of a gaming laptop can be provided by a solid bag with a range of compartments for the necessary accessories.

POP figurine

An inherent decorative element which must appear on each gamers desk. A huge head with the image of a hero from our favorite game always looks great. The selection of POP figurines from popular games is huge!

Winter hat

Caps with stitched motifs from popular games fit perfectly into the outfit of a real gamer girl. It will be a useful and above all a nice fashion accessory.